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Big Surprise (2000)
1.   Walden Song
2.   Waves On The Water
3.   Just Begun to Realize
4.   Horse In The Meadow
5.   Damsel In Distress
6.   Clouds Are Growing
7.   Lonely Sailors
8.   Shame On You
9.   Lost On A Highway
10. Night Bird
11. Now A Dream
12. Hold On
13. To Say Goodbye
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The Good Life (2008)

Originals and uniquely-arranged covers with Rushad Eggleston, Lincoln Meyers, Bob Halprin, Tom Dean, Kent Allyn, Joe Rogers, and Bruce Stelter
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Listen (2004)

Produced by Tom Dean and featuring Duke Levine, Joyce Anderson, Scott Elliot, and Ron Bouffard
No Complain (2015)

Acoustic blend of originals and covers with orchestral/string additions.

Download "Caxambas Kid"
mp3 format
"Caxambas Kid"

A song off the album "No Complain" about Preston Sawyer (the Caxambas Kid) and the old times of Marco Island and Southwest Florida (youtube video).
"Jamaica Farewell"

Don't know it?  Think Harry Belafonte.

A solo song off the album "No Complain" on baritone guitar (youtube video).