No Complain - The latest recording from Maine-based acoustic singer-songwriter Larry Schroeck (pronounced "shrek") is a new chapter in Larry’s acoustic collection of originals and covers.  The album features a lovely blend of acoustic guitars (standard, high-string, baritone, and arch top), banjo, string arrangements, and Larry’s rich vocals.  The music was recorded in a small rustic boathouse in the wooded coast of Maine and polished at the famous Airshow mastering studio.  All music is captured in an unfettered clean recording worthy of the most critical ears and easily on par with any other contemporary folk recording. 

The album opens with a short original instrumental featuring a lively-picked acoustic with an arch top lead and a subtle background flute.  The song dissolves into a moving and up-beat version of Darlin’ Corey (a traditional Appalachian folk song).  Following, is the original, Caxambas Kid, a soft biographical (and autobiographical) account of a famous fishing guide’s life and the old times of Southwest Florida. From there the mood changes in the medley Morning Never Came - an original intense, fictional, endless one-night-stand turned nightmare which transitions via a chaotic orchestral work into the Dylan song One More Cup of Coffee.  Then comes a beautifully quiet and haunting version of the Hank Williams classic So Lonesome I Could Cry.  Next is a unique original called Devil By My Side, a dreamy upbeat description of life - knowing Lucifer is looking out for you.  Then onto Jamaica Farewell, a soft and slow version a calypso favorite about a sailor’s longing for his homeland and love. The next song, To Mexico, is a song about dreading another northern winter and dreaming of heading south of the border for beach and beer.  Following is the second Dylan song on the album, a smooth waltzy version of You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.  Then comes a pitifully sad song called Happy, a song about the breakup of a singing duo.   The final song changes things up a bit with a remake of the favorite - Wine, an earlier Larry Schroeck tune with a full band featuring Duke Levine’s great electric guitar work and new vocal and guitar parts by Larry.

The product of a musical family, Larry was born in Georgia and spent his formative years in Florida and New Jersey.  He scored his first singing gig at 10 years old making $1.50 a week in a southwest Florida church choir (good candy money in the 1970’s).  He started playing guitar in high school and what began as a hobby soon became a necessity.  He has since developed a contemporary acoustic songwriting style and smooth sound all his own.  Solo professional performing began at a coffee house in the New York City area, which quickly led to full-time gigging and a musical migration from Florida to New England, playing Gulf-side tiki bars in the winter and rustic New England venues in the warmer months. He’s played festivals to street fairs to weddings to restaurants and everything in between - small stages and large stages.  His shows feature original material peppered with uniquely-arranged cover and traditional tunes sung in a rich baritone voice and accompanied by a number of acoustic instruments.    

Larry Schroeck (pronounced “Shrek”) lives in Kittery, Maine with his wife and two daughters and has been a professional singer/songwriter since 1991.

Other recordings by Larry Schroeck/Larry Shrek include No Complain (2015), The Good Life (2008), Listen (2004), and Big Surprise (2000).  He’s been featured on several CD compilations.

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